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Interactive car map

Car trouble and you are looking for the nearest car repair shop? Low on gas and you need to find the nearest gas station? Or maybe you are looking for the nearest car dealership or a hospital in your area? With JustDrive you can easily find the nearest points of interest that you need and you can also see the distance and estimated time before you click the navigation button. And to make sure you don't leave your car in the hands of amateurs, we created the reviews system for places so you can see opinions of other customers. Also, you can save the favorites places in a list.

Service history

In the service history module you can add all the maintenance, repairs and any other intervention to your car, where you made them, when, and what was you car mileage at that time.

U2G (user to group)
module integrated

In this part of the app you are always in touch with other users who have the same car as you. You can ask questions, exchange opinions, add pictures and receive answers. You can choose how to receive the answers in the privacy settings.

Critical reminders
and notification

You can set here the expiry date for your periodic vehicle inspection or insurance. In addition, because we know that your car needs more attention, you can create custom alerts.

Car costs module

You can record your expenses for gas, insurance, road taxes, fines or even car wash and you can always see the costs for your car by day, by month or by year.

Car dictionary

You are not familiar with a dashboard light? Chill, not even a mechanic knows the meanings for all of them. So we thought you'd find useful a dictionary with the translation for most of your dashboard lights.

Manage multiple

U2G (user to group) module integrated - you are always in touch with other users who own the same car as you.